RECHEK – Retail Loss Prevention Solutions

RECHEK – Retail Loss Prevention Solutions:

RECHEK - Retail Loss Prevention Solutions at IPTEC


RF Shop Anti-Theft System
202 Standard RF Antenna
202 Plexi RF Antenna
RF Deactivators & Accessories
The 202 Standard RF Anti-Theft system is reliable and cost-effective using radio frequency (RF)technology and the full range of RF hard tags and labels. Like all RF antennas, this alarm system has an extremely high detection rate, helping to significantly reduce shoplifting. These functional antennas are ideal for many retial environments, their compact size makes them particularly suitable for shops with smaller entrances where space is at a premium. With its state-of-the-art digital processing technology, the 202 is not only an extremely reliable alarm system, but also cost-effective anti-theft-solution.

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