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Advantages of HD-SDI CCTV over Analog cctv


Bring the benefits of High Definition CCTV to your customers cost-effectively

HD- SDI technology allows for HD CCTV Video Signals to be run on standard coax cable such as RG 59 Cable. The main benefits are Ease of Installation and Superior Image Quality. The HD – SDI ( Serial Digital Interface ) does not require any pre-configuration and follows the conventional installation method of Standard Analogue CCTV. Users can benefit from Full High Definition Video (1080p) without having to replace the existing cabling structure.

Advantages of HD-SDI CCTV

  • Simple Plug & Play Installation
  • Standard COAX-cable (RG59)
  • 7 times the resolution of standard CCTV
  • Live & Playback Broadcast TV Quality Images
  • Full Remote Access via Internet Explorer, Safari, etc
  • No Computer, No Switch, No Router, and No “IT Guy”
  • No Software Licensing Fees, Dropped Frames, etc

HD-SDI run at up to 1080P resolution which is 1920×1080 Pixels, this is known as Full HD Resolution. As images are sent uncompressed to the recorder , there is no latency on the CCTV footage and no pixelation on the image.
Full HD resolution images are 7 times larger than standard. Equivalent or better than HD Broadcast quality. The image therfore provides a wider coverage, thus reducing the number of cameras required compared to an SD CCTV installation.
HD- SDI images are highly pixelated therefore allowing for image enlargement without compromising the picture quality thus making the facial recognition more attainable. Furtermore, the lack of latency on HD-SDI allows for multiple frames even when the objective is moving.
Number Plate Recognition is achievable through high quality HD-SDI images thus eliminating the necessity of optical zooming on the surveilled area. The larger image size allows for a wider area coverage although maintaining detailed High resolution images.

Comparison between HD-SDI, Analogue, or Megapixel IP


Installation of HD-SDI CCTV

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