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Bosch introduces the first families in its new Advantage Line safety and security product range, which represent a breakthrough in professional quality and reliable solutions at affordable prices. Bosch sets a new standard in technology, reliability and durability. Nowhere is quality more important than in communications and security. No one realizes this more than Bosch. Ideal for all small- to medium-sized installations, Bosch Advantage Line brings professional quality security into the realm of applications such as small business, retail and schools. The Bosch Advantage Line portfolio includes a complete range of imaging and storage products at an attractive price. What’s more, they are available from your local distributor. Now everyone can afford the best!

Smooth and easy – Delivering reliable, long-lasting performance at a competitive price, Bosch Advantage Line products combine great image quality with the lowest maintenance needs.
Easy solutions – You can combine our products to create complete systems that are easily installed, expanded and upgraded. We pay extra attention to compatibility between system types and product families to enable integrated solutions. It is of course also possible to use a smaller or larger number of components.
Complete Range – The Advantage Line by Bosch covers both analog and IP fixed/moving cameras, and storage/video management solutions.
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