Apachi Wireless Alarm Systems

Pyronix Enforcer 32 Zones (868MHz Two Way Wireless Security)

Available Models of Apachi Wireless Alarm Systems:

Apachi Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Advanced Wireless Alarm Security System
  • GSM Wireless Auto Dialer
  • Six-zone alarm system with inbuilt auto emergency dialler
  • Built-in Two-way Control & Active Voice Message
AP-06 Made in Taiwan

Apachi Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Advanced Alarming Wireless Security System
  • Super GSM Wireless Auto Dialer
  • Seven-zone alarm system with inbuilt auto emergency dialler
  • Built-in Two-way Control & Active Voice Message
AP-07 Made in Taiwan

While a Hardwired Alarm System might be an ideal choice for anyone building new property, those looking for a quick do-it-yourself (DIY) solution should look into purchasing a Wireless Alarm System. We carry a variety of DIY Wireless Security Systems, with Apachi models being among our most popular and best-selling.

With a Wireless Kit you can avoid the complicated drilling, hammering and installation process often associated with hardwired systems. Offering user-friendly plug-n-play technology that provides complete security for your home, our Wireless Alarm Systems come complete with various motion detectors, contacts, remote control key fobs, and powerful control panels that can simultaneously function as controller, receiver, sounder and keypad in some systems. Additionally, our Wireless Kits are easily expandable and offer additional wireless and hardwired zones, so larger spaces can include the number of sensors they need to ensure they are fully protected.

One of the most convenient reasons to own a Wireless Burglar Kit is that you can integrate a GSM module into the unit. A GSM module is a unit that allows you to control and communicate with your Wireless Kit remotely using any cellular phone. This means you can be alerted instantly of a burglary, fire, or tampering, anywhere in the world through a call on your private cell phone, or even through SMS (text) messaging. Additionally, the module allows easy arming, disarming and programming options for your system from anywhere by simply calling or sending an SMS (text) message of your own!

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