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IPTEC HD-SDI Digital Video Recorders

Available Models of IPTEC HD-SDI DVR – Digital Video Recorders:



IPTEC HD Digital Video Recorder

Available HDcctv Digital Video Recorder Models:

While analogue cameras continue to improve, they are still subject to the constraint of the PAL TV format; quality is further compromised because of de-interlace artifacts. Network cameras (IP and megapixel) offer advantages in several ways, but can suffer from both latency and network uncertainty

A new high definition technology is emerging which does not suffer latency, and is deliverable from camera to DVR over existing co-ax: the HDcctv cameras. This new camera design is less complex than both analogue and IP cameras. Like network cameras, power can be delivered ‘up the cable’, which might be co-ax, or some other standard cable.

Benefits of HDcctv Cameras & DVRs

Grade Reliability: HDcctv is a digital transmission of uncompressed HD video over coax cable
Digital: perfect clarity with no analogue noise
HD video: true 1080P30 or 720P60 HD video – True HDTV Live View
Uncompressed: zero latency and no compression artifacts
Coax cable: simple upgrade resilient to network failure
Plug-and-Play Upgrade: the transition from CCTV to HDcctv cameras is very easy
Familiar User Interface: for the installer/operator, the only difference between CCTV and HDcctv cameras is that the DVR recording configuration screens have both HD and SD resolution
Real-Time PTZ Control: no signal delays between a joystick command and the corresponding viewed image
Best possible input format for video analytics: digitally delivers crisp, unadulterated video from HDcctv cameras to HD-SDI DVR

IPTEC Joins HDcctv Alliance

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