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About Us

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IPTEC is one of the Top CCTV Camera Distribution Company in Dubai present in the industry for over 13 Years. We supplies IP Cameras, Analogue Cameras, Video Door Phones, Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Money Counter Machines and accessories as well. Through our strategic partnerships with world class manufacturers, we have constructed the most comprehensive catalog of digital surveillance equipment and other security related products available to dealers and security professionals.

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We are continuously investing great deal of time and money in R & D. This allows us to be very selective in the brands and products that we carry. We embrace products that are field tested and include a manufacturers warranty. We also warn our customers to be aware of the self proclaimed security manufacturer who is simply importing no-name cameras and products from overseas that include no warranty or support.Our products are available through a network of approved dealers throughout UK, Europe and now the Middle East and Africa.

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